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  1. Get the Hook ~ Anchoring your boat needn't be a three-ring circus. Here's how to make it more like a ballet.

  2. Getting Pumped ~ The more you know about bilge pumps, the less chance you'll end up being the proverbial scared sailor with a bucket.

  3. Waking the Dog ~ Some systems and devices on a boat are easy to take for granted, but ignoring them can cost you.

  4. Soak up some sun ~ Solar panel selection and installation

  5. Sure It's Waterproof ... I Think ~ Can your new handheld GPS pass the deep-water test?

  6. Boatfolks ~ A comical look at why boats are only half the fun – now playing at a marina near you.

  7. On The Spot Engine Check
    A preliminary engine inspection can help you decide if that boat you’re thinking of buying should make the first cut. Here’s what to look for.

  8. Pocket Weather Meters ~ Be your own weatherman.

  9. Just the Fax Ma'am ~ Boaters have long relied on a weather fax to stay abreast of meteorological developments. Now they can opt for digital reception.

  10. Onboard Security Systems
  11. Satellite Radio ~ Whether you convert your existing radio or buy new equipment, it¹s easy to tune into satellite radio onboard.

  12. Learning the Ropes ~ Braided, twisted, synthetic, natural – how to untangle what’s on the market today rope-wise and why, when, and where you’ll want to use each.

  13. Personal Locator Beacons - This time it's personal
    What good is an emergency locator beacon on the boat if you’re in the water? A look at the latest in PLB technology.

  14. Catch the Wind ~ Wind generators offer boat owners a free, unlimited source of energy to power all those onboard necessities. Here's how they work.

  15. Don't Be Cruel To Your Stuffing Box ~ Regular replacement of the packing around your engine shaft will keep your bilge dry and protect your drive train.

  16. More Power To Ya! ~ Today's gensets are smaller, quieter and more efficient than ever. Here's what you need to know to choose the right one for your boat.

  17. Phoning Home ~ It's easier (and cheaper) than ever for boaters to stay in touch with the rest of the world by phone.

  18. Come on and take a free ride ~ Making the most of your test sail.

  19. Hardware Horrors ~ Why we're our own worst enemy when it comes to drilling, mounting and screwing things to our boats.

  20. X Marks the Spot ~ Electronic charts are here to stay, but which kind is right for you?

  21. Chart Displays ~ Everything you wanted to know about chart displays but were afraid to ask...

  22. Family Radio Service (FRS) Radios

  23. Planning and installing a deck washdown system

  24. DSC VHF Radio

  25. Choosing an anchor windlass

  26. Anchoring 201 ~ There are times when simply figuring out scope and dropping the hook just isn't enough..

  27. Setting Your Own Mooring Buoy

  28. Installing a High Water Bilge Alarm

  29. VHF Installation

  30. Vinyl Enclosure Care

  31. Find those leaks!

  32. Engine Room Inspections ~ critical checks for your annual haulout

  33. How to pick up a mooring ball (and still be friends after)

  34. Going Aloft (How to get there and back- safely!) 

  35. Inspecting Your Navigation Lights - Is your boat ready for the night life?

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